Konservierende Zahnárztliche Eingriffe


Asthetic Füllungen                                                         30-40
Wurzellbehandlung 40-70
Porzellan Inlay 150
Gold  Inlay 180
Zahnbleichung(Remewhite) 300
Zahnsteinentfernung 40


Wolceram Keramik Krone 180
Zirconium-Keramik Krone 250
Metal-Keramik Krone 150
Porzellan Veneers 180
Gold-Keramik Krone 200
Herausnehmbare Prothese 300
Herausnehmbare Metal-Prothese 400
Feinmechanischen Befestigungmitteln(otcap,variokugel,mk1) 100-200
Teleskopkrone 300        
Provisorische Krone 15
Wurzellstift 40


Zahnziehen 30
TZahnentfernung aus Freilegung


Wurzellspitzenresektion 100
Entfernen des Weisheiszahn aus Freilegung 100


Denti Millenium Implantat 400
Semados Implantat 600
Replace Implantat 700                      
Knochenerzatz 150/g
Membran per stück 100
Intraoral Röntgenaufnahme 10
Panorama Röntgenaufnahme 20


For fixed prostheses:
-Crown and bridge: 5 years
-Fillings: 2 years

For removable prostheses:
-Partial dentures: 3 years
-Full dentures: 1 year
-Implantation (for the structural elements of the implant): 5 years

Scope of the guarantee:
If it is clearly confirmed that the work we have completed is not suitable for the intended purpose due to reasons caused by the dental technical laboratory or by the surgery (material flaw, etc.),

Scope of the guarantee will decrease or become null and void if the patient:
-maintains poor oral hygiene
-fails to comply with the instructions of the clinician
-incorrectly stores and treats or improperly uses the removable prosthesis such as a partial or full dentures
-has gingival or bone recession
-damaged the dentures in an accident
-has a modified dental status caused by the side effect of a general disease (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, X-ray, chemotherapy)
-has had a treatment by a different surgery without a preliminary consultation.